Camels get ready

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(Weitergeleitet von Hat fertig)
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Camels get ready ist ein bisweilen auch weihevoll gesungenes Poem. Schon der Kurtisane May gefiel's.

Die Deutsche Version lautet Kamel hat fertig.

Camels get ready
There's a train a-coming
You won't get no’ payload
You must sell your Fnord
All you see is rails
Yo’ hear just diesels humming
Times got so wicked
Theodicy Lord
Camels get ready
For the queue of jobless
Picked up by coaches
But none like Klopp
Dung was the key
To get good jobs from drivers
Today’s approaches
With shit always flop
There ain't no job
For the humpless llama
And humps of camels
Fail to stand upright
Have pity on hoofs
Whose chances shrink to drama
Cause there's no caravan
To horizon’s light